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Through his niche networks around the world, Ty and his partners are contacted on a daily basis with off-market deal flow from companies seeking funding from rounds that range from friends & family to Series A. As a rule of thumb, Ty and his partners will not engage with companies that have not been through their thorough vetting process which includes a deep dive and full due diligence.


For investors who choose to inquire into the opportunities presented below, you can be rest and assured that each company and their offerings have been verified by Tex personally. 


SAAS | Tulsa, Oklahoma

Imagine a world where cannabis is not only accessible but personalized to your needs. Canniverse is redefining the cannabis experience by making this a reality with AI-driven recommendations and blockchain security. 

Stage:  Friends & Family

Seeking:  $750,000 (US)

Investment Type:  Convertible Note

Yrs in Business:  less than a year

Strong Team:  Yes

Generating Revenue:  No


Golf Tech | Buffalo, New York

A leading golf technology company that leverages cutting-edge hardware, software, AI, data acquisition, and analysis to deliver exceptional insight and performance enhancements for golfers of all skill levels. Introducing the "Genius Ball, " OI's flagship product that is set to be released in Q2 of 2024. The "Genius Ball" has been featured as one of golf's top innovations in Golf Digest, Golfweek, Golf Channel, and CNBC.  


Stage:  Seed Round, Reg D

Yrs in Business:  2 years

Seeking:  $3,000,000 (US) remaining

Strong Team:  Yes

Investment Type:  Convertible Note

Generating Revenue:  Yes

Sports & Entertainment | Virginia Beach, Virginia

An entertainment conglomerate comprised of a professional music-sports league, an entertainment events agency, and an AVOD hybrid streaming network. Music-Sports is the world's first brand that is 100% dedicated to the indie music industry and addressing the unique needs of the talents in this space.

Stage:  Pre-Seed Round

Seeking:  $500,000 (US) remaining

Investment Type:  Convertible Note

Yrs in Business:  2+ years

Strong Team:  Yes

Generating Revenue:  No

Screen Shot 2024-02-28 at 12.19.12 PM.png

Entertainment Brand | Buffalo, New York

ShotClub Social is a family entertainment brand with ownership of two parcels under development and plans for up to three more to-be-determined locations in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets.


Our re-imagined and visionary designs stem from the successful golf entertainment centers that disrupted the golf landscape over the past 15 years and became tremendous investments.

Stage:  Development

Seeking:  $8,000,000 (US) remaining

Investment Type:  Equity + Credit

Yrs in Business:  4+ years of R&D

Strong Team:  Yes

Generating Revenue:  See Market Feasibility Report

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